Fashionable haircuts 2011

Fashion dictates its laws in the hairdresser's art. Each season, stylists and hairdressers offer new varieties of haircuts and linings that match the latest trends and the spirit of the times. The most fashionable haircuts this season Differ in their ease, negligence or, conversely, rigor and conciseness. The woman is not limited in anything, but nevertheless in secular barbers some tendencies are traced. The main trend - fashionable haircuts should be as natural as possible. If it is a question of long hair, then the style of grunge prevails , but in its softer version, feminine interpretation. Do not be afraid to appear careless or bold in choosing a hairstyle. A cascade with a long torn bangs, which covers half the face, is very popular. In this case, it is important to select a few strands with the aid of a gel for laying. It is very important to get the effect of deliberate negligence. Such fashionable hairstyles Can afford women of any age.

The opinions of designers and hairdressers about what fashionable haircut now diverged. And some of them were not ready for such hooliganism, preferring the exquisite rigor of the image. Inspiration for creating laconic and restrained images, they drew from the 60s of the last century, when each woman created a feminine and elegant hairstyle with just a wide ribbon. Such fashionable haircuts can be performed on hair of different lengths. It is very important not to overdo it with accessories, it is allowed to use hairpins, ribbons, invisible or rubber bands for hair. The haircut should be smooth, without thinning or cascading. Based on it, various styling are created. The simplest of them can be called a high pony tail, around the gum, which is wrapped in a lock and fixed with the help of invisible. For evening out, the hair should be combed back, making a small hair and putting on the head of a wide elastic band - the retainer.

As to whether there will be fashionable haircuts with a bang or not the opinion of hairdressers - the stylists again parted, giving the right to choose the woman herself. Some of them stand for an open forehead and a clear line of eyebrows. Such haircuts are very simple in packing and do not take a lot of time. It is enough just to comb the hair on a straight part and sprinkle a little with varnish to fix it. Such a haircut opens the face, placing emphasis on the skin and eyes. On the other hand, hairdressers are in favor of hairstyles in the style of tom-boy. They are characterized by long mischievous torn cheeks on the haircut of a bean. At the heart of them is a simple classic haircut, which varies depending on the styling. For example, a bang can be straight and smooth, reminiscent of something futuristic style. In this case, there must be geometricity in the hairstyle. If you make her ends torn and designate them with a gel for styling, and on top of adding an image to the hat, then to soft femininity boyish puerility will be added. Such a haircut is especially interesting with radically white hair colors. Owners of porcelain snow-white skin should experiment with color and pay attention to a deep black shade.

Regardless of which haircut was chosen, it is still necessary to observe simple rules for hair care. Among the huge variety of colors you need to give preference to natural shades, even if it is a platinum blonde. Hairdressers perform this season for their natural beauty. This means that the hair should always be clean, neatly trimmed, have a shape and a beautiful color. Particular attention is paid to the quality of performance, misses in this matter are unacceptable. A woman in 2011 can afford to be different, she can change every minute, revealing her identity from different angles.

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