What should be the volume of oil in the engine and how to determine its level?

Motor oils are really indispensable in a car, because of their condition, properties, viscosity and degree of contamination depends the strength of a thin oil film, which provides parts with anti-seize properties and absorbs all dirt and deposits. In this case, this material protects the engine from corrosion, thereby increasing the life of all its parts. Contaminated grease, on the contrary, only aggravates the work of the cylinders, which can lead to a complete failure of the ICE. That is why it is so important to check the volume of oil in the engine and make a timely replacement. This article is devoted to this article.

How often should I check the amount of oil in the engine?

In general, experts recommend checking the volume of oil at least once a week. Regular check of its condition is the guarantee of uninterrupted and harmonious work of the motor. At any time, the liquid can leak out. And no matter how expensive it may be, no one from this trouble is insured. Well, if you found it in a week, and in fact there are often cases when the amount of oil in the engine is not checked for months. And then one day the pistons stop their work, the engine stalls and the machine stops until the nearest replacement of the power plant. Therefore, it is necessary to check the volume of oil in the engine every week.

How much fluid should be poured into the car?

Just note that there is no single meaning for all machines. Each car has its own power and engine capacity, accordingly, each car will absorb differently. About how much it is necessary to pour it, you can find it in the instruction manual. So, for example, on the car "Daewoo Lanos" the volume of oil in the engine is 3.8 liters. On a commercial Mercedes-Vario truck this value is 15.8 liters. By the way, the volume of oil in the engine "Mercedes" and Atego "is also equal to 15.8 liters.

It is also worth noting that when pouring liquid, you need to add a few more milliliters of oil. This is done to ensure that the product has completely penetrated the filters and other elements.

How to check the oil volume in the engine?

This operation does not take you more than 5 minutes of free time. And all that you need from tools is a pair of napkins or a piece of unnecessary rags. So, tear off the hood and find a special dipstick measuring the volume of oil in the engine. It is not difficult to find it. As a rule, the dipstick is located near the trambler, on the right side. Sometimes it is placed in front of the engine. This is a long plastic handle with a flattened metal knitting needle. We take it out, take a piece of rag and clean the dipstick from the oil. After again lower and after 3-5 seconds we pull out. On the spoke there is a scale of values, where the current oil level in the engine is indicated. If the value is at the MID or MAX point, everything is fine. If the oil is at the level of LOW, it should be topped up. And only the liquid that is in the engine needs to be poured. That is, for "synthetics" we fill only with "synthetics". In "mineral water" this oil does not need to be poured.

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