Useful extensions for Google Chrome: list, purpose, descriptions

Have you ever wondered how many people use this or that browser? Which of the following is the most popular? It turns out that the clear leader is Google Chrome. If you use it, then this article is for you.


Google Chrome is considered the youngest browser that became known to the world in 2008. Now about 300 million people prefer this particular application software. By the past year, the market share of Google Chrome was more than 58%. In RuNet, this browser comes first.


When we use a program, utility, browser, etc., we rarely know even half of the service possibilities. After a long period of operation, we learn more and more features that are becoming attractive to us.

So, in 2010 developers launched useful extensions for Google Chrome. They help improve opportunities and functions, often facilitate the work of specialists from different fields. So, content managers can find various services for themselves to identify the font or work with the image.

It is interesting that at the time of opening the gallery of extensions, it has already been filled with more than 1500 plug-ins. By 2017, they have become tens of times larger - about 65,000. Considering them, it is difficult to single out some special and very best. Of course, some of them became more in demand. But we will try to consider a variety of options for each user.


When using the browser on a daily basis, we often encounter certain problems that lead to slow downloads or the search for the right tools. To optimize your work, you can install all the necessary extensions for Google Chrome.

For downloading, SaveFrom is the perfect choice. This plugin can work not only with this browser, but also paired with Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Yandex. With this application, you can download videos or music from popular social networks and resources. So, in Youtube on the watch page there will be a new button "Download", and with it a whole selection of permissions and video formats. The same happens with video and music "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", Facebook and Vimeo. For music in audio recordings, a special arrow will appear, after clicking on which the download will begin.

Social networks

Now users of social networks are becoming more and more. So, specially for them there are useful extensions for Google Chrome. For example, Invite All Friends on Facebook allows just one click to invite friends to a specific event or page. If you have your own project, and you are tired of singing one by one to join it, the plug-in will allow you to do everything with the click of a button.

Social network "Vkontakte" extension for Google Chrome has received in abundance. There are many plug-ins that allow you to download music from audio recordings. You can also configure the social network interface. VK Audiopad allows you to navigate through news feeds and simultaneously switch tracks without returning to the page with audio recordings.

The OK Changer plug-in allows you to customize the design of a social network. Checker displays the number of unread messages in the mail.


Also in the light of recent events, VPN plug-ins have appeared among the useful extensions for Google Chrome. They became popular for residents of Ukraine, who were blocked access to social networks, "Yandex" and other resources. To stay in touch with loved ones and not to lose working tools, developers have created a large number of similar extensions. Among them, popular are: DotVPN, "Bypass blocking VC, OK for Ukraine", Hola Better Internet, etc.


For content managers, you can also find many working tools. For example, if you surfed the Internet and met a font, but do not know its name, then What Font is also great for designers. To determine the font name, just hover over the desired fragment, click on it. In addition, you will see information about leading and size.

For creative people, there is a Palette for Chrome plug-in that allows you to create a color palette. RightToCopy helps to copy text if the context menu does not appear. Image Downloader will download any image from the web page, even if it is embedded in the code.


It's not all plug-ins, to work with content. For images, there is a Search by Image application. Now the search for images will be several times faster and will not take much time. Pixlr Grabber is very similar to the "scissors". If you need to save a picture or part of an image on a web page, then this plugin is for you. Its only drawback is that, despite promises to keep screenshots on the desktop, they sometimes fall into the "Downloads". Also for the plug-in there is a special online repository and an editor for working with saved pictures.

An interesting extension for the work will be "Search by pictures". This plugin helps you find similar images in the main search engines. So, you can find real pages on the Internet from photos, determine the number of fake pages, track unscrupulous copywriters who steal images and do not indicate authorship. "Search by pictures" will allow you to find free versions for copying the desired image and much more.

To save images of a web page or separate fragments, you can install FireShot. The plug-in captures the entire page, a separate area, and all this using a key combination. Has advanced features, but for a fee. For $ 60, you can create annotations, use a graphical editor, send everything by mail and the Web.

Another plugin, Imgur, screenshots, photos and other images host. If you want to share a photo with another, but do not want to upload it to an instant messenger or social network, you can drag the photo into the browser window, and then just copy the link. If you have already shown a picture to anyone you like, you can delete it.

News and Weather

In the Google Chrome store, you can find extensions that show the weather and the region's top news. Among them, the temperature can be determined using Gismeteo or YoWindow Weather. Both plug-ins are easy to use, you just need to set up your region of residence and the weather bar will be displayed in the browser's bar.

If you want to receive news, you can set up an RSS feed. Thus, wherever it is included, the main news will come. If you have favorite sites, you can search for extensions for them. Some resources make applications for the convenience of information retrieval.

For work

Useful extensions for Google Chrome, as mentioned earlier, are also presented for the narrow specialists: designers, marketers, SEOs, photographers, programmers, analysts, etc. And there are common plugins suitable for any profession.

Google Keep lets you quickly save information in notes. If you surfed the Internet and came across an interesting idea, you can add it to yourself in one click. In addition, Google Keep is an application for smartphones.

Office Online is a plug-in that contains all the necessary office programs, without the need to install them on a PC. As a result, all the usual tools will be available at any time. Online service has all the necessary functions for working with documents. Allows you to save files in the correct format, etc.

Google Calendar is another proprietary plug-in that works best with the browser. This is an excellent scheduler, which provides an opportunity to view your schedule, without taking your time off work or conversation. To do this, just click on the icon in the browser. It's also easy to add new events and cases, and if you are soon to meet, the icon will point you in time and remind you of important things.


Among the extensions there are also those that save us from a huge amount of advertising. How often did you come across the fact that when you watch a 3-minute video, the ad is included more than three times! Of course, it's annoying, like annoying banners and contextual advertising. To get rid of this, you can install AdGuard, Simple Adblock, Adblock and others. But just remember that usually advertising is the main income of information resources and bloggers on video-hosting platforms. If you want to help them, then put in the "whitelist" a number of pages where advertising is possible.


Among other extensions, it is important to mention and just such that make it easier to work with the browser. For example, Resolution Test helps you determine how the web page will look on different screens, with different resolutions, and you can add your own to the standard parameters.

StayFocusd is an interesting option for those who work on the Internet and are often distracted by social networks and other resources. The plugin blocks all selected sites for a certain period. You yourself set up the right time and work period. Some, on the contrary, use the extension at the weekend, so that instead of active rest, do not spend time in social networks.

Panic Button is a rather fun plug-in, designed for those people who want to be in the comfort zone always. If you were searching for something secret on the Internet, but in the room suddenly, for example, a mother, a boss or a teacher, then quickly close all the tabs, but do not lose them, you just need to press one button. They will all freeze and remain active until they are needed again.

In general, there are a lot of extensions related to work and tabs. For example, The Great Suspender sends all the unused tabs to "sleep." Thus, they do not use browser memory, which means you will not run into "No Answer" errors, etc. Speed Dial 2 is the replacement of the start page for the one where the most visited sites, history and bookmarks are displayed. SimpleUndoClose will quickly restore access to private tabs.

Google Translate is another popular extension that suits those who are learning languages. If you wandered to a foreign page, but want to find out what is written there, and some words you do not know, just hover your mouse over them, and automatically a translation appears on the screen. Exactly the same principle works Google Dictionary.


As mentioned earlier, useful extensions for Google Chrome are countless. Of course, all 65,000 plug-ins are not unique applications. There are often recurring extensions, including many dedicated to downloading videos and music, as well as crawling blocked sites.

If you are a specialized specialist, you can try to find the tools suitable for you in the store of extensions. Perhaps your work will be many times simpler and faster. So, for example, if you are an SEO specialist, you can install an extension to collect the semantic kernel, determine the platform on which the site is built, monitor visits, and so on.

Many plugins available to designers. Some of them are described above. For example, it is possible to create a palette, define a tint in the image with an eyedropper, recognize the type of font, size and leading, take screenshots of a certain area, and extract the required image from the web page.

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