Parquet renovation: grinding, varnishing

The first impression of the room depends on the floor. If it is dirty, with defects, crevices, it causes unpleasant sensations in people. I want the house to be cozy and prestigious at the same time. For living rooms, the best floors are wooden from a massive plank and parquet. Such floors serve long enough, only it is necessary to carry out regular updating of a parquet.

When carrying out restoration work, first of all, very carefully remove all the staggering problem areas, so as not to damage neighboring rivets. All cracks are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, taking out the trash with wire. When using the floor, the most important thing is not to start it, but to update the parquet in time. During these works, cycling, grinding and puttying are carried out.

First of all, make a cycle, removing the old varnish with a layer of wood. I must say that this procedure is rarely carried out, as the life of the parquet is reduced from such rough processing. To preserve the parquet, grinding is the best method for processing, as it is gentle. It is desirable that this procedure is carried out by professionals of high class on special equipment.

Grinding technology

Special machines are used when grinding the parquet board. In this case, rough surface treatment takes place. All unevenness, roughness, dirt and old varnish are removed during this stage of cleaning the floor. A drum type grinding machine performs rough processing, and it works very noisily, which is not always permissible in urban apartments.

More advanced equipment of the tape type carries out the renovation of the parquet without ripples. As a result, the surface of the parquet is perfect. Also, these machines have an improved dust collector system. In hard-to-reach places use special equipment, or they are handled manually.

Then fill the slits with a special mass. To do this, take a spatula and, without hurrying, along the entire depth fill the gap and all chips and potholes. When the putty dries (1-1.5 hours), grind with a special machine. Good equipment has an improved dustbag system. Therefore, specialists carry out polishing qualitatively, quickly and without dust.

Lacquered parquet should be done initially multilayered. Because, the more layers, the more stable and durable. But not only the number of layers depends on the strength of the coating, but also the type of lacquer used. Most recently, the most fashionable was the oak parquet, which was rubbed with mastic. But the modern production of such varnishes, as matt and semi-matt, allows you to save the pattern of the parquet. After the invention of such long-lasting varnishes as polyurethane, floors with varnish coating are very popular. Updating the parquet with modern means becomes more safe for human health. Hazardous chemical impurities are not contained in water based varnishes.


Parquet board is a beautiful and practical coating in the house. Every day the floor experiences heavy loads, so it gradually wears out, dims and needs restoration. Parquet can be renewed and give him a second life with the help of special equipment and modern varnishes.

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