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Hanging of the skin on the hands. Exercises for hands so that the skin does not hang

The thin skin of the hands does not adapt well to physiological changes in the body and eventually hangs down, becomes flabby. Such a defect can not cope with cosmetic procedures. The only way to self-tighten the muscles, which will regain their former beauty and elasticity, is physical exercise. To achieve the result, it is necessary to perform regular exercises for the hands, so that the skin does not hang.

Why does the skin hang?

As a rule, most women face this problem than the age has crossed the threshold of 30 years. The delicate skin of the decollete, shoulders and hands area is aging first. What is reflected in the appearance of the fair sex.

The phenomenon is not alien to those who quickly lost weight, in time, not taking care of nutrition and moisturizing the body. The skin does not have time to adapt to changes, loses its elasticity and saggers.

Cosmetic procedures can not hide or remove the flabbiness of the hands. You can achieve the effect of braces with the help of sports. You should only perform special exercises for the hands. So that the skin does not hang in the future, it is necessary to continue the exercises. This will help to maintain the result and not to resort to extreme measures.

Basic mistakes in training

Not always physical exercises lead to tightening of the skin. Being engaged incorrectly, it is possible to achieve only effect of growing thin or to remain without result. What are the main mistakes?

1. Light weight. Fill the space released from the fat can only be muscle. Due to their development and increase, the skin is literally stretched and stops hanging. To help develop biceps and triceps can only a decent load. Exercises for the hands, so that the skin does not hang, consist in raising your own or additional weight. If classes are conducted with dumbbells, their weight should be at least five kilograms. A smaller mass of inventory will not lead to the desired result.

2. Incorrect load. Increased congestion and daily strength training will lead to exhaustion and weakening of the muscles, which do not have time to recover so quickly. As a result of this enthusiasm, neither the beauty of the body, nor the desire to engage will be added. Should be dealt with every other day or three times a week.

3. Ruthless diets. To build muscle tissue, a balanced and nutritious diet is needed. Absence of necessary substances and elements will lead to exhaustion of the body, and physical activity will become a serious stress. As a result, the body will lose weight even more, and the skin will drop even lower.

General recommendations for classes

To achieve a serious result, it is not enough to perform only exercises for the hands, so that the skin does not hang. An integrated approach is needed, in the process of which the muscles of the back, chest and neck are strengthened. That is why training includes both general, basic movements, and insulating, aimed only at the biceps and triceps.

During the training, the emphasis is on the quality of the exercises, not on the quantity. It is enough to perform one approach 8-10 times, with time increasing the number of cycles and the weight of auxiliary equipment.

Warm up

Each training should begin with a 10-minute warm-up. She will prepare the body for the upcoming load, adjust the necessary heart rate. This "rehearsal" helps to avoid possible injuries and strains.

Exercises for the hands, so that the skin does not hang, begin with the rotation of the wrists, elbows. Should be taken to the sides with shoulders, do swings, jerks, flies. At the same time, attention should be paid to the neck. Turning the head to the sides, circular rotation will help quickly stretch the muscles.

The remaining warm-up time should be dedicated to the whole body. For this trainers (running track), jumping rope, squats are perfect. After heating, you can start the complex.

Main part

The most accessible and effective are the exercises for the hands (not to hang the skin) without dumbbells. They are based on lifting their own weight. Below is a special complex that does not need to continue and increase the available load. Within a month, it is enough to perform each exercise 8-10 times, depending on your own feelings and the desired result. Then you can gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Exercises for the hands (so that the skin does not hang) with the photo:

1. Push-ups . Take an emphasis lying, palms parallel to each other. Press your chest to the floor, slowly take the initial position. If the task is unavailable, you can start with push-ups on your lap or from the wall.

2. Lifting. Hang on the bar, turn the palms to yourself. Tighten so that you reach the crossbar with your chest. Return to the initial position. After the cycle, repeat, but this time to stick it is enough to reach the chin.

3. Bars . After the horizontal bar ceases to require maximum effort, you should go to the uneven bars. Exercises are similar.

After 2 months, you can perform a cycle with a backpack, gradually increasing its weight from 1 to 5 kilograms.

Exercises with dumbbells

At home, you can also do exercises for hands. To the skin does not hang, and tightened and acquired elasticity, you should use dumbbells weighing not less than five kilograms.

1. Extensions. Alternately put each hand behind the head.

2. Simultaneous bending. Take the dumbbell with both hands. Raise your arms above your head, throw as far as you can. Return to the previous position, continue to perform.

3. In the slope. Lean on a table or chair with one hand, another to make flies with a dumbbell. Change hands, repeat.

4. With fours. Get on your knees. One hand to rest on the floor, the other to take a weighting agent. Bend, then unbend the arm. Repeat with the other hand.

Exercises for the hands, so that the skin does not hang when losing weight, are performed 20-30 times in several approaches quickly and vigorously. In order to return the tone to the aging cover, you should give preference to heavy equipment, and the complex to perform slowly and smoothly 8-10 times each exercise.

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