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Care for rabbits at home

Care for rabbits, which are kept as pets in apartments, can not be called difficult. In any case, all the efforts are justified by those positive emotions, the positive things that these pets give to their masters.

The rabbits are organized in such a way that they need a large amount of oxygen for life. By cold they are indifferent, the frost up to -20 degrees can withstand without problems, but they do not endure overheating, dampness and drafts. They do not like the accumulations of harmful gases that are formed if the cage is not removed for a long time. The best conditions for rabbits can be called + 18-20 degree temperature and 50% humidity.

Rabbits are very prone to stress. Any change in their life makes these animals nervous. Strong experiences can cause paralysis of the respiratory system and the death of pets, so treat them carefully: in time to feed and water, adhere to the chosen diet, not to show obsessive attention to nests with cubs, not to allow near to the habitat of rabbits loud sounds or flashes of light. Care for rabbits should be done without sudden movements, loud screams.

Appearance of the pet in the house

Young rabbits are usually sold at the age of 6-7 weeks. Children are even more fearful than adults, therefore, in the first days after the purchase, they should not be touched at all, carrying out only the most necessary care for rabbits: feeding and filling drinkers. To take cubs in hands, especially to children, during this period is not necessary, as well as letting them out for a walk around the room.

The first exits from the cell after the adaptation period is arranged for 20 minutes - half an hour, to ensure that the animal is not gnawing anything beyond its limits. Rabbits have a weakness for wires, so they must be hidden or removed from the territory of the paddock.

What exactly care for rabbits will have to be done regularly, depends on where the animals will be kept. There are only two options: in a cage or "at will." Usually walking around the apartment unattended, only animals released accustomed to the toilet. By the way, to recognize the place for coping need rabbits are capable of not worse than kittens, and just as quickly get used to a tray with filler. If the pets have to stay in an empty house for a long time, and no one can control their movement through the rooms during the day, it is better to still choose the cellular content.

So, what kind of care for a rabbit is required to him regularly?

Caring for wool

In wild animals molting occurs once every six months and is tied to the seasons. Home shed constantly, but not so much. The simplest way to facilitate the process is to stroke the animal - it's both good and fun at the same time. Long-haired rabbits need to be scratched. For this, combs, puffers and collo cutters for cats and small dogs will do. To prevent rolling down the wool will help and special conditioners. Animals walking on the street may need a remedy for fleas. There are special sprays for rodents, but a drop on the withers designed for kittens will do.


The teeth of a rabbit grow throughout life and are constantly worn out. Promotes the process of feeding animals with branches and coarse hay. When the balance is broken and the incisors start to grow faster than they are erased, problems arise. Rabbit can die from hunger, because it will not be able to eat properly. In advanced cases, rabbit teeth have to be pruned.


Claws need trimming. Do this procedure regularly, every 5-7 weeks, and carefully, so as not to touch the sensitive part. Use for this purpose, nail clippers or nippers.

If you begin to care for rabbits at home in the right way, fluffy creatures will please you with their presence for six or even nine years.

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