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"Witcher 3": where are the conservation and how to put them?

"The Witcher 3" is a game that has become truly popular in many countries, including Russia. To evaluate the entire content of the project, you will need more than a hundred hours of playing time. If this is too much and you are not ready to spend such amount of time on a computer game, then it is possible for you to install third-party preservations for the game "The Witcher 3". Where there are conservation, and what to change - read further in the article.

What do save in the game about Geralt?

Since the passage of the storyline alone takes you more than 70 hours, many players are not ready to devote so much time to a computer or game console. Who does not care about the story, but only the gameplay is necessary, can put other files of preservation and enjoy all the locations and high-level objects from the game "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt". Where conservation lies lie is the main question that stops ignorant players. The answer to it you will learn in this material.

Also, conservation will be useful to those who have difficulty in passing. For example, can not kill a certain boss, or complete a complex quest. Similar moments in the game a bit, and the choice of complexity allows you to play in the "Witcher" absolutely different people, but the installation of conservation will significantly save energy on endless attempts to pass.

In addition, the game has key moments, after which the passage of certain additional tasks becomes impossible. Several plot tasks have different options for choosing the protagonist, which will lead to different consequences. Of course, to evaluate all of them, you have to download "Witcher 3" every time. Where do the conservation lie and what should be done with them? Let's look at this in more detail.

Where to find saves?

Since "Wild Hunt" is the third part of the great game series, many fans know perfectly well where the folder is located with all the saveings and settings files. For those who first got acquainted with the game "The Witcher 3", where the conservation lie - a mystery.

All Save-files are stored on the system disk in the "My Documents" folder. You can open it from the Start menu or by going to Users \ Username \ Documents \ The Witcher 3 \ gamesaves. It is in this folder that you need to copy the third-party backups.

You ask: where do you download them? The answer is simple: all files can be found on the Internet in free access on various gaming portals. To protect yourself from virus and malicious files, download only from trusted sources. For example, the portal Playground and its like constantly monitor all the materials that are downloaded by users.

Usually all save-files are packed in one archive. To unpack it, you will need installed WinRAR or any other similar program-archiver. After you unpack the archive, you need to copy the save files to the folder mentioned above. Each separate file is responsible for one slot in the game menu "The Witcher 3". Where the storage lies lie you know, now it remains to load the game and enjoy the process.

What's next?

To do this, run the exe-file and wait for the download of The Witcher 3. Now select the item in the "Download Game" menu and click on the required slot. Near each of them there is a date of preservation, time, location and a screenshot. This manual is only for PC users. On the consoles this operation can not be performed. Now you know where the "Witcher 3" lies.

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