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Sagittarius-male - Scorpio-woman: strong union or irreconcilable enmity?

Of all the compatibility variants of the signs, perhaps, not to meet a more harmonious and yet difficult pair than the Sagittarius man - the Scorpion woman. Because each of them in itself is an incredibly contradictory multi-level personality, and when combined, there is a rare opportunity that these two will like each other at a glance.

However, if they decide to enter into relations with each other, one can be sure of the stability and the long-term nature of their mutual feelings. Lightness and romanticism of the girl of this sign are able to charm the strong-willed Sagittarius man and become for him the only goal in the conquest of which he will resort to all his arsenal of seduction and courtship. However, soon it will be discovered that this girl is by no means an easy prey, which at first glance the Scorpio sign may seem. The Sagittarius, carried away by such constant game and mysteriousness, risks to be in this captivity for many years. Of course, they will also face many difficulties: the stability and calmness of the water and the uncontrollability of the fire will often contradict each other. However, with diligence on both sides, the solution will always be found, and the relationship will only become stronger.


A special theme, almost never abating, will be the volatility and frank flirting, which necessarily contains a charming Sagittarius man. Scorpio-woman, on the other hand, is distinguished by chastity and extreme jealousy. She will always try to keep him close, to control his actions and emotions, to make his property. Of course, a typical Sagittarius will by no means agree with this, and such an attitude will only strangle him and thereby aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, both, they share a common trait - selfishness, because of which everyone will "pull the blanket to his side." A significant step in uniting a pair of Scorpio female - Sagittarius man can be the birth of a child, in which everyone will see the continuation of himself and continue to give all his strength only to his upbringing.

Thus, both of them will turn into caring, responsible parents, and former differences will dissipate by themselves. Scorpio's intellect will be useful in reading a lot of books and manuals for caring for a child, and Sagittarius's purposefulness in earning money for providing the family with everything necessary and even more. Sagittarius-man - Scorpio-woman is magnificent just like parents, because their irrepressible flow of internal energy instead of quarreling with each other will be directed to the right track.

Another aspect

If the relationship only develops, and there are no distant plans, strengthening their union will help a strong sexual relationship. Both these signs have charm and fascination, they are drawn to each other, and they are unlikely to be able to resist these feelings. Sagittarius man - Scorpio-woman is one of the most compatible couples in terms of love relationships, which, undoubtedly, will allow to reconcile the two even after the most serious quarrel.

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