Is it possible to transplant the strawberries in October and what care is needed?

Miniature green bushes with beautiful red berries are the desired inhabitants of each garden plot. Without the red fragrant strawberries, summer probably will not take place. To annually eat delicious berries and have the opportunity to make supplies in the form of compotes and jam for the winter, you need to take care of this pretty fastidious beauty.

In particular, strawberries must be regularly transplanted. Every year, this should not be done, but once in three years it is necessary to change her place of residence. And today we will talk about when it is possible to transplant strawberries and, of course, touch on the basic rules of transplantation, soil preparation and other important nuances, and at the same time we will understand the question of whether strawberries can be transplanted in October.

When is best to replant strawberries

If you really set out to obtain a stable crop every season, then the transplant must be carried out without fail. A feature of the plant is the impossibility of a high-quality yield of the crop, if in one place it has been growing for more than four years.

Why is it best to have a transplant during the fall season?

You can ride berries at any time. It can be spring, summer, and autumn. But is it possible to transplant the strawberries in October? Quite a complicated question.

Experienced gardeners recommend to use the fall period to update the strawberry beds. The earth at this time is perfectly moistened and still quite well heated. Sunlight is no longer so intense that it burns newly transplanted fragile bushes.

The best time to plant berries is the end of August and the beginning of October. But this statement will be true for the area where winter comes early enough or corresponds to a calendar schedule. For southern regions, the answer to the question whether strawberries can be transplanted in October will be positive.

And now about the transplant itself.

Choose a place for planting

Transplanting strawberries in October is good because you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable place for planting. Strawberries, of course, the plant is not very fastidious, but it grows best after the following predecessors:

  • Family of legumes ;
  • Greens - lettuce, parsley, dill or onions;
  • Radishes;
  • Carrots;
  • Beets.

After harvesting these crops, the soil contains the maximum amount of substances necessary for strawberries. But after the plants of the family Solanaceae, cucumbers and any melons and cabbage, you should not plant bushes of berries.

Soil Preparation

Planting strawberries in October involves a classic soil preparation. The best soil for the plant will be chernozem with a sufficient content of ash and forest soils.

Prior to planting, it is recommended that the following agronomical measures be taken:

  • Be sure to select all insect larvae during the digging site. Colorado and May beetle, wireworm - a terrible danger for a young, fragile bush. If there is no possibility to select manually, then the soil must be treated. To do this, prepare an ammonia solution and water the area. Or at first it is sown with lupine or beans, which for larvae become a real poison.
  • The land must be completely cleared of weed vegetation. If there are too many weeds, it is necessary to sprinkle the soil with a special solution, for example, "Roundall".
  • The earth must be carefully digged or plowed. It all depends on the area of the site.
  • Necessarily and the introduction of fertilizers. The composition of the feeding will depend on the chemical composition of the earth. The most recommended additives are manure, humus or humus. One meter of the garden should account for at least 6 kilograms of additional fertilizing.
  • Strawberries do not like the large content of salts, and therefore the application of chemical fertilizers should be made two weeks before the landing. Of the recommended fertilizers: 40 grams of superphosphate and 20 grams of potassium compounds per square meter of the bed.
  • If the land has an increased acidity, then it is necessary to take care of the decrease in the indicator in advance. To do this, dolomite flour is scattered on the site every year . Help in the enrichment of the soil with nitrogen will help plants from the category of siderates.

How to plant strawberries: options

Transplanting strawberries in autumn, in October, does not differ from usual. Therefore, all known methods can be used:

  • In one line. In this case, between rows should be left at least 70 centimeters, and the plants should be located about 20 centimeters from each other.
  • In two or more lines. Here the bushes are arranged in the form of classical beds, forming ribbon plantings. The distance between them is about 70 centimeters, and the lines of the bushes should be separated from each other by 30 centimeters.

Planted with one of these methods, the berry will grow in the most optimal conditions for it. At the same time, the probability of strawberry disease will be reduced. Soil processing will also not cause any particular trouble. Planting strawberries in October on a one-line method can be done under the trees.

Transplant of strawberries in autumn, in October

If you decide to harvest already for the next season, then as seedlings you need to choose two-year-old specimens. Pay attention: on the bush should be at least three leaves, if you take young rosettes. The root lobe should also be well developed. Dig up the bushes immediately before planting. When this is not possible, be sure to keep the seedling root system moist. For this you can simply wrap it in a wet cloth. Once again we remind you that you can plant strawberries in October, but only in the southern regions.

Transplant the berry is best in cloudy weather. Wells should not be too large. Focus on the root system. Roots should be fully expanded. Also, the bushes can not be deeply buried - the "heart", from where the leaves and peduncles grow, should remain on the surface of the bed.

How to plant correctly

The hole needs to be filled with water almost completely. Then we take the bush and place it directly in the water, without forgetting to carefully straighten the roots. After completely absorbing water, the well is covered with earth. Be sure to press it, so the soil will wrap the roots more tightly and the plant will quickly settle down.

Care of plantings

Since the garden is prepared in advance, the post-planting care for strawberries in October will be to shelter the plantings. Of course, before the onset of a steady frost, plants will have time to get accustomed, but it will not help to help them in this. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the beds with any covering material.

We hope that you have received the answer to your question whether it is possible to transplant strawberries in October and how to take care of it. Successful harvests!

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