Estima porcelain stoneware - high quality at an affordable price

Few of those who did repairs in their homes did not hear about the products of the Russian company Estima. Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware Estima Occupy a leading position in the Russian ceramic market. This company is a pioneer in the domestic production of such products and offers high-quality, durable and wear-resistant goods at affordable prices. Being one of the largest enterprises in our country, Estima produces the highest grade ceramic granite, which is able to compete with European products.

What is Estima porcelain stoneware?

This material was invented in the late eighties of last century. Until then, among the materials for finishing similar analogues simply did not exist. Traditional tiles due to high porosity and medium strength could not be used for finishing wet rooms, as well as those exposed to high or low temperatures and high wear.

Ceramic granite, which is a mixture of quartz sand, clay, kaolin and other additives, helped to get rid of the existing problems. Manufactured by a special technology consisting of pressing and roasting raw materials at high temperatures, this material became practically free of pores, which made it possible to use it without looking at external influences.

The company Estima is focusing on a modern product that will allow using it in modern interiors. Therefore, the technological chain absorbed the technologies, equipment and experience of Italian specialists used at the first Russian plant for the production of porcelain stoneware in the city of Noginsk near Moscow.

The term "porcelain stoneware" is used only in the domestic market, in the rest of the world this product is called "porcelain ceramics".

Estima stoneware: advantages

The distinctive qualities of the products of this brand include:

  • Increased wear resistance;
  • Enhanced water resistance;
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures and their differences;
  • Biological and chemical inertness;
  • Increased resistance to fading;
  • durability;
  • Absence of deformation.

Another advantage of this brand is that every collection of the manufacturer is a work of art, as any product line is unique in its own way: pattern, structure, relief, clarity and smoothness of lines, color saturation. Particularly noteworthy is the availability of the authenticity in the imitation of various materials, the decorative qualities of tiles, in the design of which digital printing is used.

The high wear resistance of the pattern is due to the fact that its formation does not occur over the surface of the tile, but over its entire thickness.

Estima made of granite From high quality raw materials - Russian feldspar and refractory clay from Ukraine, Italian pigments and other environmentally friendly components that meet any standards.

Estima Collections

The variety of collections of this brand consists of such stylistic groups:

  • Classical (Hard Rock Scuro, Natural, Country Bugnot, Padova, Antiqua);
  • Ancient (Monterrey Arancio, Montalcino Cotto);
  • Hi-tech (Tiburtone, Giaietto, De Origin, Metallica);
  • Minimalism (ruler Newport);
  • Imitation wood (Natural, Mahogany).

And this is only part of the diversity that Estima presents today.

Finishing with ceramic granite

In order to decorate the porcelain stoneware can be divided into the following series:

  1. Rectified tiles laid without seams.
  2. Glazed (polished) porcelain tiles. A worthy representative of the glazed series is the ceramic granite Estima Rainbow. Reviews about this line are only positive. It will be suitable for interior finishing of offices, offices and other premises that require a stylish and beautiful design. The tile is polished with diamond nozzles, due to which it gets a sparkling look.
  3. Stylized marble, concrete, onyx, fabric, leather tiles. This series has an anti-slip effect and is widely used in common areas for finishing verandas, fenders, stairs and paths.
  4. Structured, including parquet and mosaic. Great for interior decoration.
  5. Matt (unpolished) and semi-polished porcelain stoneware Estima Standard. Reviews of this series show that it is ideal for its quality for finishing the exterior facades of buildings and stairs, as well as such passable places as shopping centers, shops, stations and others. This is facilitated by the low price of the material.
  6. Multicolor and one-color variants with patterns, patterns, ornaments.

In addition to laying on the floor, such a tile can be used for wall covering both inside and outside. For this, the St series of the standard Estima series is well suited. In view of its increased wear-resistant qualities, St is used for finishing stadiums, subway stations, flooring in factories and workshops, steps and terraces.

Today ceramic granite with success can replace a natural stone, having in comparison with the last lower price, but similar characteristics. And based on environmental problems of recent years, its advantage is the absence of radiation background.

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