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Dumbbell wrestling from behind the head: exercise technique

Dumbbell wrestling from behind the head is an isolating exercise that is aimed at working out all three triceps heads. Isolating - it means that only one joint is involved, in this case, the elbow joint. The longest muscle of the muscle, which, together with the other two, gives the triceps volume is most intensively studied. As stabilizers, the deltoid (anterior part) and the thoracic (upper head) of the muscle act.

Advantages of Exercise

Performing a press of dumbbells from behind the head, the athlete can count on certain effects:

  1. Isolated work of the target muscle, without the intervention of others. Of course, this is possible only with a competent technique of implementation.
  2. Increase the volume of hands. After all, as you know, it is the pumped triceps that allows you to achieve this.
  3. The development of all the heads of the triceps arm muscle.
  4. The effect of pumping.
  5. Triceps development in case of trauma of the anterior beam of the deltoid muscle.
  6. Elimination of asymmetry in the development of muscles.
  7. Increased stability of elbows and shoulders.
  8. Development of flexibility, functionality and range of hand movement.
  9. Great variability, allowing to perform the exercise at home.

Technique of execution

The dumbbell presses from behind the head seem like a simple exercise, but in reality it has a number of nuances. Therefore, it does not hurt to carefully consider the technique of its implementation. We will analyze the variant with one dumbbell sitting.

First you need to sit on a bench and take a dumbbell. It is desirable that the bench is equipped with support for the back. Lift the dumbbell carefully, with both hands. Now you need to take it this way, as shown in the photo. It remains only to make sure that the elbows (if possible) and the palms look inward. This is the starting point.

On inspiration, slowly lower the projectile behind the head until the forearms touch the biceps. Delayed at this point for 1-2 seconds, you can with an exhalation raise the projectile upward, trying to work only with triceps. Repeat the motion a set number of times and rest before the next approach. Now you know how to do a dumbbell press because of the head sitting. But that is not all.


In addition to the classical version described above, the dumbbell press due to the head has several more types:

  1. Two-hand press with two projectiles (in parallel or alternately);
  2. A press of one hand with one shell;
  3. Press standing (the technique does not differ from the described option).
  4. Press the dumbbells because of the head lying down.

The latter option will be discussed in some detail. First you need to lie on a bench, putting your feet on the floor. The projectile (or shells, depending on the variation of the exercise) rises above the chest. Then everything happens in the same way as in the previous exercise - the hand movement is no different.

This version uses besides triceps a number of secondary muscles: the inner part of the pectoral muscles, the widest muscle of the back, the jagged and rhomboid muscles.

Important nuances

In order for the exercise to have the maximum effect, it is worth considering the following points:

  1. During the whole movement, only the forearm should work. The elbows and shoulders should remain immobile.
  2. Lower the projectile / projectiles is slow, trying to maximize the work of muscles, to raise, on the contrary, you need quickly.
  3. At the bottom point, you should always pause to allow the muscles to stretch. However, it should not be more than 2 seconds.
  4. With a large weight of the projectile (actual for one large dumbbell), you can throw it up at the beginning of the exercise with a little swing.

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