Holiday Village "House of the Sun", Astrakhan: reviews and photos of tourists

The ancient Russian city of Astrakhan is the largest transport hub in the Lower Volga region. This status was acquired due to its magnificent and very successful location in the uppermost area of the Volga River delta and on numerous islands of the Caspian lowland.

Come to this city is worth every single compatriot, because here you can not only try the famous Astrakhan watermelons, but also see beautiful cathedrals and churches, various monuments and other numerous attractions.

Still here you can enjoy the beautiful nature, excellent fishing and even go on a hunt. There is a recreation center "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan), which in any month of the year will gladly welcome the guests and give them an unforgettable vacation.

Quiet rest in the Astrakhan region

This place is located near the river called Cormorant. Here every traveler will get a great pleasure from rest surrounded by wonderful nature, and spacious cottages will allow to share these magical moments with your friends and relatives.

Holiday Village "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan), whose photo only partly conveys the beauty and well-being of the place, is located on a rather large territory in as many as 15 hectares. Here you can swim in the pool or visit an excellent beach on an artificial lake, have a picnic with loved ones, play enough with the children in various active games, swim on a boat or on a boat.

You can eat here in a beautiful log restaurant with an extraordinarily beautiful round hall, where up to 80 guests can easily be accommodated. Even in it there is a smaller banquet hall, suitable for 40 people, where you can not only taste delicious dishes, but also arrange real song contests thanks to the karaoke available here.

It should be noted that the number of cottages for accommodating guests is not very large. In total, they can accommodate no more than 50 guests at a time. Thanks to this, there are no huge crowds and noisy people on the territory, and this, of course, attracts to a greater extent the recreation center "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan). The description of these wonderful houses can be found below.

How to find the recreation center "House of the Sun"

The exact address with the number of the house and the name of the street near the recreation center there. But you can find it in this place: it is located in the Kamyzyaksky district of the Astrakhan region, not far from the kolkhoz them. Dzerzhinsky in the northwestern part of the island of Baklaniy. Tourists should look for a fork in the two rivers: Malaya and Bolshaya Baklanya.

The administration of the "House of the Sun" is always ready to meet their future holidaymakers on the M-6 highway and conduct them directly to the territory. However, those who want to get to the place of rest on their own, from Astrakhan should go through Kamyzyak. A meter through 400 after the bridge across the river called Tabola there will be a signpost for Kirov and Karalat. Turn left here, go 2 km to another sign on Kirovsky and turn right. After another 2 km there will be a T-shaped intersection, on which it is necessary to make a left turn. Kilometers in 20 rides will be a bridge across the river Cormorant, then a sign of the village of Zaton. Here it is necessary to make a left turn and go 4 km along a dirt road.

Accommodation options in the hostel

Holiday Village "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan) does not provide tourists with a huge number of rooms. Instead, in the territory there are two types of cottages in which anyone can accommodate with all amenities.

For small companies vacationers are provided with cozy three-room cottages with a total area of 60 square meters, where they can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people. They have a spacious living room, two bedrooms, separate toilet and bathroom. It is worth a cottage 5000 rubles. Per day subject to booking more than 3 days. If you order it for a shorter period, tourists will have to pay 7,000 rubles each. in a day.

If guests of the "House of the Sun" travel a large company, then they will be suitable cottages, designed for 6 people. The area of this house is 110 square meters. It has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a spacious corridor, a separate toilet and a second combined bathroom with a shower. Rent this house for a long time will cost 10 thousand rubles. Per day, and less than 3 days - for 12 thousand rubles. per day.

Each cottage is equipped with all necessary furniture, a refrigerator with a freezer, air conditioning in each room and satellite TV. "House of the Sun" is a recreation center (Astrakhan), where all cottages are built according to the most advanced technologies. When they were created, only environmentally friendly round logs were used, so that vacationers can enjoy not only comfortable living conditions, but also a pleasant aroma of natural wood.

Excellent conditions for hunting and fishing

Holiday Village "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan) offers its guests every year not only to spend a pleasant time in the bosom of nature. Here all conditions are created for those who love fishing and hunting.

For example, a great place where you can catch a large number of fish, separated from residential cottages only a couple of tens of meters. In any month of the year, no one will leave here without a catch, because the diversity of fish inhabiting these parts will amaze the imagination of anyone. There is a chance to catch the pike, carp, asp, voblo, perch, catfish, rudd and other pretty tasty fish on the hook. The workers of the base will necessarily show excellent places for fishing, and the chef of the local restaurant will gladly cook fresh fish for dinner.

Those who prefer to feast on game, too, will like the "House of the Sun." After all, there are real hunting grounds, rich in all kinds of birds and animals, which are officially allowed to hunt. Waterfowl, pheasants, wolves, foxes, hares, ferrets, martens and mink - all this variety of local fauna will surely impress any amateur shoot.

Great family vacation

But even if tourists are not interested in fishing or hunting, they will surely be delighted with the time that they will be given by the holiday house "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan). The services that are provided here are diverse.

Exciting games and sports activities for children and adults in the bosom of nature, swimming in the pool, picnics in an ecologically clean place - all this gets to the people who come here absolutely free of charge.

And for an additional fee you can visit the local bath complex with a hamam and a Finnish sauna, go on interesting excursions around Astrakhan and its region, spend a great evening or dinner in a restaurant, rent a boat or a boat and ride along the Volga with a breeze.

Organization of events at the hostel

Holiday Village "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan) is pleased with its hospitality and corporate visitors who come here for all kinds of conferences, team building or even holidays. After all, a business event here can be combined with a wonderful rest and interesting entertainments, so this corporate gathering for all employees will surely be remembered for a long time.

Guest reviews of the "House of the Sun"

Not only inveterate fishermen and hunters, but also ordinary tourists enjoy using everything that offers their guests a cozy "House of the Sun" (Astrakhan). The recreation center, reviews of which are few, but quite good, can boast of the fact that some of its guests are happy to come here again and again.

Most of the tourists praise the houses for living, in which it is very warm and there is everything necessary for a wonderful holiday. Food in the restaurant was also liked by many, as well as friendly staff serving the base.

However, the road to the base causes a lot of criticism in bad weather. Some guests note that it is very difficult to overcome local impassability even on off-road vehicles.

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